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Abzac, involved in the ecological transition

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Abzac, involved in the ecological transition

Since the ecological transition is at the heart of the debates and of our daily lives, everyone must propose solutions. An increasing part of manufacturers is looking for alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint and promote the circular economy. Reducing the use of fossil resources is also becoming imperative and the trend is towards replacing the use of plastic and metal. Therefore, Abzac has designed cardboard and kraft packaging to match the needs of the market.

We must focus on Sustainable development. Abzac has truly based its strategy around cardboard packaging. We all must work to reduce our ecological impact as much as possible.

Created in 1928, the Abzac group, was one of the first pioneers in the manufacture of cardboard packaging. Over the years, we have become specialists in the development of reliable and environmentally friendly industrial packaging solutions. We are proud to participate in the protection of the environment.

Our cardboard and kraft products

We manufacture cardboard and kraft packaging with technical performances. Cardboard tubes, cardboard corners, fibre drums or kraft drums, sealing cartridges, Abzac produces increasingly efficient packaging. We have technological know-how in the production of industrial cardboard packaging solutions.

Abzac is a reliable industrial group, a supplier of responsible cardboard packaging solutions to support the development of industrial customers. Our cardboard packaging is dedicated for professionals in the food industry, cosmetics, or even industrial pharmaceuticals.

Our cardboard drums are available in a wide range, from 20 to 220 lt: crimped kraft drums or all-fibre drums, manufactured in 4 factories in Europe, 3 in France and 1 in Germany, for better proximity.

A major player in the circular economy, we put sustainable development at the heart of the production of our products. Contact one of our professionals to find out more.


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