Fibre Drum Solutions - Part 2
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Abzac actor of the circular economy

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Environmentally-friendly products : Cardboard tubes, corners, fibre drums are all ecological and made with raw materials that are recycled and fully recyclable, with a strong recycling rate. Abzac has developed the use of cardboard or kraft paper from sustainably-managed forests where … Learn more

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The 10 most frequently asked questions about fibre drums

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You can find here informations about 10 more frequently asked questions about Fibre Drums I am about to use kraft drums, are they sturdy and stackable ?Yes, they can carry up to 300 kg, and be stacked over 2 or … Learn more

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Abzac cardboard drums are natural

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At Abzac, our manufacturing process is sustainable. Take the example of our fibre drums: Made from natural or recycled fibre, kraft drums belong to a sector that has the highest recycling rate. By meeting the requirement for weight reduction of packaging, … Learn more


Connected fibre drums, the Abzac innovation for storage and industrial transport

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Abzac is the European specialist in industrial packaging. Abzac has developped its connected solution.   Connected industrial packaging Already used by Abzac on its cardboard tubes, which are used to support rolls of labels, adhesive and one-ton paper rolls, the RFID … Learn more

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No shortage in sight, for Kraft drums!

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The Fibre drum: the renewable packaging solution Fibre drums or Abzac Kraft drums are mainly composed of kraft. This raw material from sustainably managed forests, where the resource is constantly renewed, is a natural and renewable fibre. In fact, every year, we plant … Learn more