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Kraft drum, choose your ecological industrial packaging

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A general awareness as well as numerous regulations regarding environmental protection have resulted in new green packaging solutions, in line with consumer issues. The ecological impact and the need to protect the environment is now a major factor in purchasing … Learn more

Advantages of fibre drum

Buy a Fibre Drum : 4 advantages to know

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The Kraft drum is very popular in industrial packaging business. Appreciated for its great resistance, it is recommended for the transport of various products. Moreover the advantage of being ecological and reusable, the kraft drum or fiber drum, has many … Learn more


Information COVID-19 : Abzac teams are engaged

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As part of the measures taken by the government to respond to the COVID-19, Abzac informs you that our teams are doing everything in their power to comply with our commercial commitments, and thus to guarantee the safe delivery of … Learn more

PICTO 9 test

Fibre drum vs steel drum: the match

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Which are the advantages and disadvantages of a fibre drum or a steel drum to contain dry and pasty, dangerous and nondangerous products? Look at this comparative table Learn more

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Abzac actor of the circular economy

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Environmentally-friendly products : Cardboard tubes, corners, fibre drums are all ecological and made with raw materials that are recycled and fully recyclable, with a strong recycling rate. Abzac has developed the use of cardboard or kraft paper from sustainably-managed forests where … Learn more